Opportunities to participate
The Association offers opportunities to participate as Regional Director, Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman or Member of a subcommittee or working group, or on the Editorial Board of the Journal.

National Representatives
– Promote IADMFR in their own country
– Seek to increase the membership of the IADMFR in their country
– Report to the Board of Directors on each congress

Board of Directors
For a complete list of the IADMFR officers see the officers page

For a complete list of the of the IADMFR committees see the committees page

Constitutions and Bylaws
For any detail on the constitution, bylaws, standard operating procedures of the association see the constitution page

In accordance with its Objectives (Article 2), IADMFR enables members of good standing who can demonstrate excellence in proficiency and/or achievements in the discipline, to apply for Fellowship of the Association. Read more…