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A number of journals is made available during the year to all active members. When you pay your dues to become an active member you will receive a username and password to access our online journal service

You can download PDF versions of the journals or read them online. You will also have access to historical journals.

If you did not receive your access details then please contact us via the online contact form.

You can access the online journal website from here.

To activate your access on the journal website (DMFR) follow the instructions located at http://www.birpublications.org/page/access/iadmfr. You may also contact the webmaster of the DMFR directly at publications@bir.org.uk. If you still have trouble, please contact us by sending a message to the webmaster via the online contact form.


The .I.A.D.M.F.R makes available newsletter at least twice a year. These newsletters will be emailed to active members.

Historical newsletter can only be downloaded in PDF format from this website. You can access the newsletters from here.


I.A.D.M.F.R News 

The .I.A.D.M.F.R news section is current news for members about changes and events. In order to visit the news section click here.


The I.A.D.M.F.R held conferences on a regular basis where member all over the world network and share information.

Active members get discount to these conferences and are kept up to date on conference information.

You can more information on past and future conferences in our congress section of our website.


The members section of the website provide information about other members and also allow you to update your personal information.

You will also find notifications and messages from other members here. See your accounts area.

You can also use the members area to verify your membership status and pay your dues online


Research by members of the I.A.D.M.F.R are conducted all over the world. The research area of this website allow researchers and members to share the research finding and progress.

Please post your research information in the research area so that other members can views and comment on this information.

Any active member that head a research team can create a research project online and start to publish information into the community. Your research team can also post information even if they not active members of the I.A.D.M.F.R.

See our research section for more information..


The committee areas is where the different committees share information about there work.

You can view the committee blog space here.

Research Awards

This Award was initiated at the 13th ICDMFR to encourage research in maxillofacial imaging and to stimulate interest in the IADMFR. 

The participants in this competition must submit an abstract via the website. 

For more information or submission, visit the awards section.