Services provided on this website is only available to active members, members that have paid their dues to the I.A.D.M.F.R.

In order to access all the services of the I.A.D.M.F.R please login to the website. If you have any problems to login then please send us a message using our contact form.

Members that sign-up for the first time or that renew their membership will receive an email from the administrator with the require login  details to the website. 

How to become a member 

There are two ways to register as a member of the website. You can pay your dues by using our online payment portal or you may request free access.

Free access is only provided to those that participate in research projects and do not require access to all the I.A.D.M.F.R services. Please use our online contact form to request free access.

Free access can only be requested by active members for non-active research member.

Verify membership status

Members might want to view their membership status. Please visit our online verification form to check your current status.

You will be required to provide your I.A.D.M.F.R membership ID to retrieve this information.

If you have any problem, feel free to contact us using the online contact form.

Renew membership (dues)

Your membership can only be renewed for a period of 1 or 3 years.

 In order to renew your membership, please login and make use of our renew option.

You can also renew without having to login but you will be required to provide all your membership information again. Please follow this link if you do not want to login.